Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions.


All services from Jays New Prints Ltd. to the customer are carried out by the terms and conditions outlined below. These general terms and conditions are the foundation for all offers and agreements between Jays New Prints Ltd. and the customer and are accepted by both parties for the entire business relationship or contract. Any other terms or conditions from the customer differing from below are only acceptable and contractually binding provided Jays New Prints Ltd. has accepted this in writing.


General Terms.


  • The products and images on any of Jays New Prints Ltd. websites, webpages, Facebook pages or any other pages affiliated to Jays New Prints Ltd. or associated pages e.g. JNP panda prints represent a non-binding invitation for customers to view products and images for future reference in placing orders with Jays New Prints Ltd.
  • Any images or products seen on any of the above (1.) locations are for reference only and the images may not be used elsewhere unless the author or Jays New Prints Ltd. gives written consent to use such images or product.
  • By emailing, messaging, or any other appropriate written means, to Jays New Prints Ltd. From the customer over the internet, or in writing, the customer acknowledges they are entering into a binding offer for a sale of products, materials, work and/or goods and services. Jays New Prints Ltd. will send a written order confirmation reply, via email, messenger or alternative appropriate written means to the customer once the order request has been received. This confirmation reply is not an acceptance of the offer simply an acknowledgement that the order has been received by Jays New Prints Ltd. The contract is only accepted once Jays New Prints Ltd. has reviewed and approved the order and notified the customer in writing.
  • Jays New Prints Ltd. reserves the rights to refuse and reject any received order for any reason with notice to the customer given in writing.
  • The contract ends once the purchased goods are delivered to the customer's address given to Jays New Prints Ltd. If there is a delay in delivery times due to outside product supply issues or delivery issues, and Jays New Prints Ltd. and the customer cannot agree on a suitable substitute transaction within a reasonable business timeframe, the customer will be informed immediately about the non-availability of the service. If the accepted offer cannot be carried out due to these issues (5) and money has been paid to Jays New Prints Ltd. then the customer will receive a full refund.



  • All prices listed on Jays New Prints Ltd. Website or associated pages e.g. JNP panda prints (Facebook page) are in New Zealand dollars and tax is not included in any pricing yet. Refunds will be made in the same currency.
  • If the customer is paying using PayPal services then there will be a handling fee of 3.4% included in the invoice, unless orders are over $200 or otherwise waived by Jays New Prints Ltd.
  • Prices may vary from print to print and will be included in writing to the customer on acceptance of offer request from Jays New Prints Ltd. The customer has to accept this price in writing within 10 working days of the acceptance offer or the offer request and acceptance of work will be declined.
  • All items listed will be excluded of shipping/delivery costs and these will be added into the final invoice. These will be dependent on the size of the order.



  • All credit card and debit card transactions are handled through PayPal in a secure payment gateway. Jays New Prints Ltd. do not receive or keep any record of credit card information and details.
  • If the customer is paying using PayPal services then there will be a handling fee of 3.4% included in the invoice, unless orders are over $200 or otherwise waived by Jays New Prints Ltd.
  • Payments can also be made by direct debit to Jays New Prints Ltd. chosen bank account details which will be provided with the acceptance of offer in writing. All personal information received will be confidential and remain only between the customer, bank and personnel at Jays New Prints Ltd. handling the money.
  • All payments must be made immediately. Jays New Prints Ltd. will not dispatch, and may not begin any work, until payment is cleared and received.

Returns, Refunds and Cancellations.


  • Jays New Prints Ltd. pride themselves on producing quality prints, if you are unhappy with your purchase please let us know as we welcome feedback. Once the purchased goods are returned and received, we will review the circumstances and issues and try to work to a fair agreement for the customer. We will normally try to do a re-print and rectify any quality issues but can also offer a full refund as per our terms and conditions.
  • NB: The customer is responsible for shipping costs as per the terms and conditions on Jays New Prints Ltd. associated webpages or websites.
  • Returns must be made within 30 days and of good condition, unless otherwise stated in writing from Jays New Prints Ltd.
  • Jays New Prints Ltd. will not accept refunds or returns due to the choosing of incorrect sizing. All our products will have a size chart included and are of a standard normal sizing.
  • Cancellation of orders are not accepted after work has commenced. If you have to make a cancellation please contact Jays New Prints Ltd. immediately to discuss alternative options, including potential refunds excluding any materials and labour lost to Jays New Prints Ltd. Work commences once the acceptance of offer confirmation has been emailed to the customer from Jays New Prints Ltd.


Delivery of goods.


  • In most cases the product will be shipped within 10 working days, this depends on quantity of the orders. If there is a large quantity order a differing timeframe will be given for the dispatch of goods and an expected time of arrival will be given with the acceptance of offer in writing. Most orders will be dispatched in around 5 working days. Delivery times may vary dependent on delivery location.
  • International orders can take two to five weeks to arrive. Some countries may charge a tax on incoming goods and if there is any, the customer accepts they hold responsibility for any additional taxes and charges for delivery, as Jays New Prints Ltd. accepts no responsibility for this.
  • Delivery will be carried out by a shipment/delivery company chosen by Jays New Prints Ltd. The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs and this will be calculated with the total cost of the product and illustrated on the invoice or written acceptance of offer confirmation notice.

Release from liability regarding copyright infringements


  • The customer assures Jays New Prints Ltd. that all designs, texts and images uploaded and requested for print are free from third party rights. The costs for any infringements of copyright, personal rights or naming rights are to be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • The customer releases Jays New Prints Ltd. from all demands, claims or costs associated to any third-party infringements, due to the customer taking sole responsibility for any breach of duty or infringement. The customer will reimburse Jays New Prints Ltd. immediately for any infringement costs, losses or damages resulting from third party infringements, copyright infringements and is not limited to naming rights.
  • Any designs, images or special texts uploaded or sent to Jays new Prints Ltd. by a customer will remain the property of the customer. This means that Jays New Prints Ltd. will not use an uploaded design for any other purposes other than printing for this customer and promoting the design on Jays New Prints Ltd. associated pages and sites, unless specified in writing from the customer of the design to Jays New Prints Ltd.

Personal information.


Jays New Prints Ltd. use personal data for appropriate reasons and according to statutory regulations. The personal information given to Jays New Prints Ltd. (name, email, mailing address, bank details) for ordering of products are only used to complete the business contract and are handled accordingly. This personal information is kept confidential from all parties who are not involved in ordering, production, payment and delivery processes. The customer has the right to access their own personal information free of charge. The customer is also entitled to make changes to incorrect information or delete information as long as there is no legal obligation to hold such information.

Right to decline, reject or refuse work.


Jays New Prints Ltd. reserves the right to decline any work they deem inappropriate or offensive. This includes and is not limited to: racist, offensive, gang related, abusive, pornographic, sadistic or slanderous material.


Print files.


Print files must be either a png or jpeg file with the image being 300dpi or a vector image, to promote quality images. If your design/image is not one of these files or is lower than the required 300dpi, Jay’s New Prints Ltd. May charge additional design fees but will always consult with the customer this information first. The customer acknowledges that images provided should be of a suitable quality i.e. 300DPI for the best quality print. If the print file is smaller than 300DPI then the customer acknowledges this may affect the final outcome of the print. Colours and position may vary slightly from the original images.